Welcome to Cole’s Auto Repair!

    This business was started because it is so difficult to find an honest mechanic that will tell you what you really need to know. We usually work on a referral basis, meaning that most of the vehicles we service are from family, friends, family friends, or friends of friends! It’s great that our customers tell others about the great service they received, and encourage you to do the same! Getting stuck somewhere with a broken-down car is anything but fun, and it makes you have a bad day.  So, each vehicle that comes in to the shop gets a complimentary inspection of tires, fluids, belts, brakes, etc. to keep you informed about the needs of your car. If you don’t understand what we’re talking about, just ask! We try not to use all the technical jargon, but sometimes we get carried away… There isn’t any pressure to buy anything, but at least you know what to expect down the road.

This is one of the only cars I couldn’t fix…There were no moving parts!

  Service tip:  Maintenance is much less expensive than repairs. Keep up on your vehicle and it will serve you well for many miles!